Birthday Parties

Go-karts, arcade games, bumper boats, mini golf and more…what else does a birthday party need? Choose from a number of Kart Kountry birthday party packages. Whether you are just looking for group go-karting or just playing miniature golf and arcade games, we have it all. Check out all of the Kart Kountry party options below or email us for more information!

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Plan Your Kart Kountry Party in Five Steps:

Step One: Choose your Date and Time

  • If you choose to have your party at an outdoor table, including the party pavilion, you can have your party any day and time we are open.
  • If you choose to have your party in the Arcade Party Area, you will first need to check availability on our website. Reservations need to be made a minimum of 2 days in advance for the Arcade Party Area. Book early, times fill fast.

Step Two: Choose your Party Location

  • Outdoor Tables—tables are available by the go-karts, batting cages, and on the porch.
  • Party Pavilion—covered area just outside the Arcade.
  • Arcade Party Area (Requires Reservation)—the area is located inside the Arcade.

Step Three: Choose your Party Package

  • There are several Party Packages to choose from at different price points.
  • If none of the packages work for you, create your own. Ticket pricing and restrictions are included.

Step Four: Choose your Party Add-Ons

  • There are many add-ons to choose from. Check out the list, from balloons to tiaras!

Step Five: Read Party Policies

  • Read over all Party Policies and make yourself familiar with the age and height restrictions for the attractions.

After booking your party you will receive an email confirmation immediately. If you do not get this email, let us know and we will forward it to you. These emails are sent directly from the server and are sometimes not accepted by certain email providers.


Reservations are not required to have your party outside at Kart Kountry, but reservations are appreciated for parties and to purchase group rate tickets. However, you will need a reservation to hold an Arcade Party Area. Reservations can be made on our party website or at the ticket counter. For more information, email

2017 Party Packages

The Basic Kart Kountry Party Package $100.00

Group will receive 15 Ride Tickets, 5 Happy Sack Party Favors, 100 arcade credits (can be split, 5 cards with 20 credits each) and one Party T-Shirt.

The Deluxe Kart Kountry Party Package $250.00

Group will receive 40 Ride Tickets, 10 Happy Sack Party Favors, 300 arcade credits (can be split, 10 cards with 30 credits each) and one Party T-Shirt.

The Ultimate Kart Kountry Party Package $300.00

Group will receive 50 Ride Tickets, 10 Happy Sack Party Favors, 450 arcade credits (can be split, 10 cards with 45 credits each)
and one Party T-Shirt.

The Supreme Kart Kountry Party Package $400.00

Group will receive 50 Ride Tickets, 15 Thunderbolt Tickets, 10 Happy Sack Party Favors, 500 arcade credits (can be split, 10 cards with 50 credits each), and one Party T-Shirt.

The Awesome Kart Kountry Arcade Party Package $100.00

Group will receive 450 arcade credits (can be split; 5 cards with 90 credits each), 5 Happy Sack Party Favors, one Bouquet of Helium Balloons, and one Party T-Shirt.

The Greatest Kart Kountry Arcade Party Package $185.00

Group will receive 900 arcade credits (can be split; 10 cards with 90 credits each), 10 Happy Sack Party Favors, one Bouquet of Helium Balloons, one Happy Birthday Tiara or one Happy Birthday Boy Hat, and one Party T-Shirt.

  • All Party Packages (with or without a reservation) are purchased at the ticket counter. You will receive your tickets, party favors, t-shirts, and/or add-ons at the ticket counter.
  • Tables are not set up for your party with party favors and/or party add-ons when you arrive.
  • The picnic tables in the Party Pavilion are first come first serve, and are not covered in a table cloth.
  • The tables in the Arcade Party Area (with Arcade Party Area Reservation) are covered in a solid color table cloth. You are welcome to bring in your own table decorations.

*Ride Tickets can be used for Go-Karts (Adult, Junior, I-Roc, Double-Seat Karts), Kiddie Karts, Miniature Golf, Bumper Boats, or JumpShot.
**Thunderbolts are our biggest and fastest Kart. Drivers must be at least 16 years old with a valid drivers license or permit.

Party Policies


To reserve an Arcade Party Area, it requires a $20.00 non-refundable deposit at booking. This deposit can go toward any ticket purchase or Party Package purchase. This deposit is forfeited in the event of a no-show, or cancellation less than 7 days prior to your reservation. No changes to the date or time can be made less than 7 days before the party.
No deposit is required to purchase a Birthday Party Package or to use outdoor tables or the Party Pavilion.


We accept Cash and MasterCard/Visa. There is an ATM located in the Arcade. We do not accept checks.

Outside Food

Kart Kountry currently allows outside food to be brought in for your party. We do have a concession stand for your convenience.

Alcoholic Beverages are Prohibited on Kart Kountry Property.


Please limit additional decorations/games to those that will fit on the table. You may not hang anything from the ceiling, doors, or walls. Silly String, confetti, chalk, and anything else that will create a mess is not allowed. Also, piñatas and other “party games” are not allowed due to lack to space.


It is recommended that the party host arrives 10-15 minutes before the start of the party. If you have reserved the Arcade Party Area, check in at the ticket counter. Outdoor tables and parties on the Party Pavilion do not need to check in first.

Table Time (for Arcade Party Area Only)

Your table time is your allotted 90 minutes to eat, have cake, open presents, etc. If you do not have time to use all your attractions tickets, that is not a problem. You are welcome to stay longer at the facility, but you will need to remove all your belongings from the party area before the end of your allotted time. If no one is present at the end of the allotted time, items left in the party area will be moved to a storage room.

Late Arrival (for Arcade Party Area Only)

Parties are booked every two hours. This allows 90 minutes per party, with 30 minutes for cleanup/set up. If you arrive late, you will be able to use your area only for the rest of the time allotted.

Arcade Party Area Seating

Each Arcade Party Area will have seating for up to 25 people. You may have additional people with you, but we will be unable to add any additional seats. Each Arcade Party Area is blocked off from the rest of the Arcade, but is not a private area.

Adults Observing Parties

There is no charge for adults observing during your party or observing during the attractions. Kart Kountry is a pay-as-you-go facility, meaning you only pay for the attractions you participate in.

Inclement Weather

It is rare that we have to completely close down due to the weather. However, if that is the case, we will contact all parties with a reservation. During storms, we may have to close down the outdoor attractions as well as many of the arcade games. Note that Kart Kountry tickets DO NOT expire. If you have tickets left over, they can be used at another time.
Green, Red, and Blue tickets can NOT be refunded.


Gratuities will not be added to your total, and are not expected. The Kart Kountry Staff Members are trained to make your party and your entire visit a great experience. If a Kart Kountry Staff Member went above and beyond, let a manager know.

Personal Belongings

For safety and security reasons, do not leave your belongings unattended anywhere in the facility. Kart Kountry is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Party guests are expected to follow all posted rules at the facility.


Emails will be responded to within 48 hours.  If you would like a return phone call, be sure to leave your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you.

All Birthday Party Information can be be found in the document below.
2017 Kart Kountry Party Packages

Awesome Add-Ons for Kart Kountry Party Packages
Bouquet of 10 Helium Balloons $5.00
Happy Sack Party Favor $2.00
Happy Birthday Tiara $2.00
Happy Birthday Boy Hat $2.00
Flashing Happy Birthday Button $2.00
Plush Autograph B-Day Cake $6.00
Kart Kountry T-Shirt $8.00
Solid Color Dessert Plates, Napkins, Cups, Forks & Spoons for 8
(Choice of Color) $10.00

UK or UL Dessert Plates, Napkins, Cups, Forks and Spoons for 8
(Choice of Team) $15.00

Theme Dessert Plates, Napkins, Cups, Forks and Spoons for 8
(Limited to Availability) $12.00

Don’t Want A Package? Not A Problem!! Grab A Table Outside And Plan Your Own Party! Buy The Tickets You Need, Bring Your Family and Friends, then Celebrate!