Bumper Boats

What do you get when you combine water cannons, boats with rubber tubes, and squirters? A bumping, blasting good time! Kart Kountry’s Bumper Boats bring together the adrenaline of bumper cars and the thrill of water gun fights to create the perfect way to sit back, take aim, and soak your friends!

Bumper Boat drivers must be at least 44 inches tall and five years old.

Double-Seat Bumper Boats are for an adult and small child. The driver must be at least eighteen years old, and the passenger must be under five feet tall and be able to sit up on their own.


Ticket Prices

Bumper Boats

$5.00 for a five minute ride
Special — 5 Tickets for $22.00

The child passenger in a Bumper Boat rides for FREE.