Kart Kountry Arcade

There is one guarantee when you think about Kart Kountry’s arcade: there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a blast from the past, you’re looking for a high-thrill race against friends, or you’re hoping to earn some awesome prizes, our arcade has you covered. With over 150 games, we have something for everyone.

If you’re into the classics, make sure you check out our “Klassic Korner,” boasting throw-backs like Donkey Kong, Pole Position, Operation Wolf, Pac Man, and Defender. You’ll also love our World’s Largest Pac Man, and the latest and greatest Space Invaders Frenzy, two beloved classics played on a huge screen.

Want to win some amazing prizes? Our redemption center is bursting at the seams with over 100 different prize choices. The stream-lined play card system allows you to store and carry your redemption points without the hassle of paper tickets, making your shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

New for 2018

University of Louisville vs University of Kentucky Basketball

Despicable Me–Jelly Lab

Scooby Doo

Bean Bag Toss

Four Player Pacman vs Pacman

Super Chexx Pro

More New Games
Hot Shot Basketball (a free-throw size basketball game)
The Walking Dead Environmental (Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?)
Cruisin’ Blast (a 4-person racing game that puts you directly into the game)
NBA Hoop Shot
Space Invaders Frenzy
Ticket Time (the best of both worlds: a crane game filled with rolls of tickets for prizes)
Baseball Pro




PlayCard Pricing

$2 – 10 credits
$5 – 25 credits
$10 – 50 credits
$20 – 100 credits
$25 – 130 credits
$50 – 300 credits
$75 – 450 credits
$100 – 600 credits